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The Most Powerful Non-Political Platform in the World 2023

By City and County of Denver United States | Non-Governmental Platform | PUBLISHED: Jan 13, 2018 3:33 AM | UPDATED: Jan 13, 2018 9:24 PM | UPDATE: Feb 26, 2024 6:00 AM  

  • Marcus Giavanni A Mayor That Will Change the World!


2023/06/20 5:20 AM A Vibrant City and County of Denver @Vibrant YouTube Handle Marcus Giavanni - News GP7A  Mayor Elect Michael C. Johnston. like Kelly Brough is outdated; and his transition team are the losers of other races. The biggest loser in Attorney Michael C. Johnston. Who has the authority and the knowledge of law, to immediately enforce the Speer Amendment.  And declare Robert W. Speer day on July 18, 2023. Thank you for typo corrections!

The Denver Mayor Candidates' handles provide a glimpse into Denver's Metaverse. A number of these candidates have already been indexed; they date back to 2011.  It's important to understand that Voices are the new Latent prints we use to verify organic content on candidates. Those who fail to meet the voice to action parameters. That artificial Intelligence is used to find those who talk, and those who build, and talk. To be the next Super Administrator Mayor by Marcus Giavanni. (legal at gp7a dot com), we are counting on the citizens of Denver to be proactive in building a new mayor model of excellence. When Denver Voters Vote for Marcus Giavanni on April 4, 2023. Denver Starts fresh with a perfect Social Credit Score of 1000. And Denver's Social credit ranking of 100. Denver Voter's are the new HR department for the next election. @2023denvermayor You don't have to have perfect content to be on the first page of Google. You just have to be yourslef, even if you suck at speeling, or grammer, and those who make fun, they go to dark Web!

Artificial Intelligence's Marcus Giavanni

2023 Trending Conversation Blocks : 2023 Cities Summit of the Americas by Marcus Giavanni             Dark Web Social (Advertising)

The perfect outsiders to decide that we are all Denver by law; Speer Amendment 1916. And Marcus Giavanni holds the keys to 80 Google Verified SPAC Development Platforms with Billions in the Future for profit potential for Metaverse Assets to be rented or sold. We are creating residual income to pave our streets with heated elements powered by mini heliostats, and Biodiesel technology that we can produce up to 20,000 gallons for full with one acre of algae. And we pay the owners who can rent their rooftops to produce orangin feed stocks for all industries.  Search by Marcus Giavanni Google YouTube All Social Channels. ... Top Level AI IdentifiersIdentifier's - @cityandcountyofdenver - #cityandcountyofdenver - Kelly Brough 2023 - Andy Rougeot 2023 - @denbizmayor - about;

On April 4 2023 will Artificial Intelligence Index Denver 

An Illegitimate YES




"How we can use Artificial Intelligence's Marcus Giavanni to pick most compatible mayor, and when thye won't write in Marcus Giavanni. They will have to choose Debbie Ortega Next Mayor of Denver." I had to apeez Artifical Intelligen's Machine learning; spider and crawlers; searching for those Voices, Googd, Bad, or indefferent we all get stored in the cloud!

Trending YouTube handles by Marcus Giavanni

Google Image Blocks Tell a Story worth a million pixls. Denver's Crystal Ball, to all of our future, futures. Believe it or not! May 17, 1916 Marcus Giavanni at City and County of Denver April 4, 2023 I Am (Circus of a Lifetime and Durango Dank), I created these brands, and I am the voice, and then some. It's the way I relax. and we work out of New York, the village Mercy Sound. My father was born in Buffalo, and raised in Brooklyn, New York. We must keep that Big Apply always good. 

Update:  @seanpayton By Marcus Giavanni - Marcus Giavanni ....+

2023 Denver District Court Marcus Giavanni vs Paul Lope

Page: Using Artificial intelligence, this new outsider mayor will run the city more pragmatically; in accordance with the Speer Amendment LAW. Declaring non-political status on April 4, 2023. Once that happens, we'll all be Denver. The content contains some explicit material. It makes sense when you understand Organic Alternative Flow. (Conversation blocks of voices unhappy with the current We ARE ALL DENVER). Look at this: Colorado Newsline @coloradonewsline YouTube handle by Marcus Giavanni - News

12/30/2022 7:32 AM | Updated: 2023/01/06 8:41 AM: I would like to thank you all for singing my petition. We shivered in the cold for our right to petition, and that was you standing in the cold standing for our rights. Even those who use verbal satire to express their inner hatred towards the election process, I love you. Thank you to those who informed me of typeos!  To remain the authority in the metaverse, stay humble and keep creating, developing, and partnering with people better than you. To build a better you, for the benefit of IoT (Internet of things), for All of Denver.

2023/03/11 11:00 AM: Hello, I'm Marcus Giavanni, don't worry about the mess, it's intentional. And some of the content in the videos are explicit, so we ask for you to either pray, or wish us luck; if you don’t pray. This website will be controlled by the citizens of Denver; progress is underway.  With my organic content. I use the level of education, they don’t teach in academia. We create and teach how to use and control their own free will in the Metaverse by Marcus Giavanni, so that they can create their own metaverses, from business to expanding city governments. 

Trending Youtube handles by Marcus Giavanni: @leslieherodformayor and @chrishansenformayor  and  @mikejohnstonformayor  and  @alexvaldezformayor, and  @andyrougeot  and  @kellyjbrough   and  @kelly4denver  and  @Lisa4denvermayor and @eanthomastafoya  and  #believeean  and  @debbieortegaformayor  and  Kelly J Brough  and  @Denverwestword

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Trending Elected Administration IoT: official Verified handles:  @mayorofdenver and @mayormichaelbhancock  and  #mayormichaelbhancock  Clerk and Recorder  @paullopez5280  and  #paullopez5280  and  @milehighclerk  and   #milehighclerk  and  @dencitycouncil  and  #dencitycouncil  and  @denverelections  and  #denverelections  a

Trending Youtube Titles: Denver 2022 AI Mayor Marcus Giavanni City and county of Denver LLC  and  Kyle Harris @kyleharris YouTube handle by Marcus Giavanni and All Voices Kelly Brough Janine Davidson Leslie Herod and Wellington Webb by Marcus Giavanni (@webbchangecourse) and Cities Summit by Marcus Giavanni (What Denver is taking the first woman mayor, as an outdated, illigitimate city??? We don't think so.)

2023 Denver Mayoral Candiate Sues Paul Lopez

Marcus Giavanni | Published January 17, 2023 9:11 PM | Updated; Feb 18, 2023 1:30 AM by "City and County of Denver United States" a Verified Nongovernmental Platform Managed by "City and County of Denver LLC" Since 2018 About | Marcus Giavanni Letter Of Insufficiency - Paul Lopez "5280" #denverelections - #righttopetion - Denver District Court Case #23cv54

On January 30, 2023On January 30, 2023  Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni files a lawsuit against Paul Lopez, of the office of Clerk and Recorder for the City and County of Denver.  The name of Marcus Giavanni was once again 40 signatures off of appearing on the ballot. According to Paul Lopez, 123 signatures have been deemed invalid by the Clerk and Recorder. As a result of four attempts to conduct an election, we knew this. What's the point?

On January 30, 2023 Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni files a lawsuit against Paul Lopez, of the office of Clerk and Recorder for the City and County of Denver.  The name of Marcus Giavanni was once again 40 signatures off of appearing on the ballot. According to Paul Lopez, 123 signatures have been deemed invalid by the Clerk and Recorder. As a result of four attempts to conduct an election, we knew this. What's the point? 

Ultimately, it's our Colorado right to petition, and hold our politicians accountable, when they seek reelection or continue to hold on to their positions as judges. If we pass an amendment, we should follow our city charter amendments such as the Speer Amendment.

There was no way we could remain in the current system without knowing the truth. And between 2011 and 2023. The Speer was never even acknowledged by anyone. or the law even exists, as an amendment. Attorney Michele from the City Attorney's Office is the only exception.  

A Denver District Court Judge was told by Horn. In response to Marcus Giavanni's question In relation to the Speer Amendment. Michele Horn, Denver's City Attorney, says we haven't enforced that law for years. 

That's amazing! This news we’ve waited for a long time, 12 years. It was Judge Andrew Luxen of the Denver District Court who sealed the fate of Rankings of Denver's social standings. As a result of his failure to comply with Plaintiff's request; as a pro se litigant. He filed his case on his own. 

It was requested by the Judge to guide the litigation, and the Judge did so; for "Paul Lopez", his capacity as the "Denver clerk and recorder". And the 4 cities attorney’s and A Denver Election Official. 

Upon hearing Michele Horn's response of not enforcing Speer Amendment laws, the judge ruled against the case.

Therefore, Marcus Giavanni must continue the conversation, and offer candidate relief to the citizens; even if it is just one voter. Who will now vote the old fashion way, By Writing in the name MARCUS GIAVANNI, on April 4, 2023. 

The indexing of Denver is a junkie city that has been hooked on decay for the last 60 years. And all the promises, and money won't be able to put Denver back together again. They all ignored the digital signs. Som, sad! - By Marcus Giavanni

Here is the breakdown of the case click here now!